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A style of architecture that evolved from the Mannerist period in the 17th and 18th centuries before being eclipsed by Neo-Classicism. Baroque architecture is characterized by sculptural, undulating surfaces, ovals instead of circles, and exaggerated classically based forms. Most Baroque architects were first sculptors.

Cattedrale dei Santi Massimo e Giorgio - L'Aquila - Italy (17th c.)
Trevi Fountain - Rome - Italy
Rome - Italy
Borromini - San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane (1667)
Bernini - San Andrea al Quirinale - Rome - Italy (1658)
Baldassare Longhena - Santa Maria della Saute - Venice - Italy (17th c.)
San Antonio dei Portoghesi - Rome - Italy (17th c.)
Bernini - San Andrea al Quirinale - Rome - Italy (1658)